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30 Dec , 2017  



Every woman loves to look beautiful, pretty, and attractive, with their own sense of fashion and style. There are many ways how a woman impress a man or man gets impressed by a woman; one such way is through colors. Yes, a man also gets impressed and attracted to women by the colors she wears and not always the type of dress or outfit she is wearing. There are certain colors that attract the attention of men. In several experiments, it has been proved that the attraction of a man towards a woman is greatly influenced by colors. If you would want to stand out in the crowd, select the color of the clothes cautiously.


There is a never-ending choice of colors to choose from, where some look good in red, some will look beautiful in pink, some in black and a few looks breathtaking in white. Sometimes have you realized that some colors are so eye-catching that you can not move your eyes from it and of course the person who is wearing it. Different people have different viewpoints about colors.

Here we put down a list of few colors and how they have an effect on the eyes of men, what this color signifies and attract the eyes of a human:

1. Red

There are a few colors which are natural head turners and red is one of them to top the list. We all know it is the color of love and the most attractive color of all. Red is the color that grabs loads of attention and also states energy. Most of the woman loves this color and it also suits almost every women and makes them look absolutely beautiful and lively. The Men who get attracted by this color tend to be the flirty and also little sporty types.

If you wear red colored short outfits it surely sends a sign that you are most likely to be vibrant in nature and quite strong and sporty. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear a long red dress then it shows that you like getting discovered but tend to be mindful of other people’s opinions. Red is also a festive and party color. Red is the one color which can be worn anytime of the day morning or evening.

There are many tints and tones of every color and every tone has a specific nature and warmth to it. The wine red or maroon shade of red gives out very bold and bright and wine signal and feels. This color if opted to wear will show that you are very confident and outgoing, also very strong women.



Ladies, we all love that little black dress and own it for sure, don’t we? So we here have got it pretty easy for you because one of the main colors that men love and women addict for is basic black. It implies sensuality, sexiness, sophistication, and class, all in just one simple color BLACK. It is the most elegant and gorgeous color of all. It shows the dark edgy side of yours. The style has to be on point when dealing with a black dress. Men are always attracted towards women who like to wear a black dress. Black is always the color of party and style. The color Black can take your style statement to a next level. No matter what style it’s, men can’t help but be fascinated and go head over heels for that black dress. No tints and tone for this color just the basic Z- black it is. When in doubt wear a black dress always.


A long black outfit is perfect to make yourself feel like a queen and powerful and of course get those eyes glued on you.



The color of peace, simplicity but yet a challenging one when comes to style. It’s clean, classy and pure, something that feels timeless to men. White is the one color which suits every woman. Christian women wear a white gown on her important day, that is; her wedding.


Long white dress= princess in her fairyland



Pink has always considered being a girly color. It also tends to be an extremely sweet color. It is a symbol of femininity and girlishness concurrently. Nost men like feminine, soft and bubbly women just as the color pink. Men who prefer to see females in this color generally soft and romantic in nature. They prefer quiet dinner dates and involve you in romantic talks. Pink just as red is a perfect color for romance. If you want to show your feminine side then you should try a baby pink or light lavender colored dress on in a dinner date with your love. Pink is soft, feminine and flirty, but like red, it goes a long way in a small amount. Too much of anything is never good (except black on black) and same goes with colors if you’ll wear too much of pink like in terms of styling a pink dress with pink accessories it will make you seem like a “girly girl” which men aren’t so fond of. Keep it mature by keeping it minimal, but definitely, wear a little pink.


A full-length pink outfit is perfect for any party or even red carpet to stand out.

A woman should personally dress for herself, but it never hurts to do a few things which could impress the love the opposite gender, if you’re looking to impress your date, husband, or boyfriend keep these in mind next time you have a special event with a male in your life.

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