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10 Summer trends ideas for you.

5 Apr , 2017  


Wear your style this summer

As if we needed another reason to get excited about summer- ice cream and park days are enough on their own – stores are finally stocking this season’s high summer trends, and shopping is really good. Temperatures are finally crawling upwards too, which means you can wear your new goodies straight out of the box!

Feeling inspired to embrace the best summer trends? We have rounded up the trends worth trying, from head to toe. Here are the 10 summer trends each one of us should adopt-

1. Keep your clothes loose.

The looser, the better. The less cloth you’ve touching to your body, the cooler you’ll be. Believe it or not, a loose and flowing dress will keep you much cooler than a pair of skin tight jeans and top.



2. Midi Dresses

These dresses have made a huge comeback lately, I think it has to do with how versatile they are. From fitted styles to A-line cut, to retro, to classic these dresses are the perfect summer office attires or even casual outfits



3. Wear unlined jackets, skirts, and dresses

Not only is a lining one more layer between your skin and the air, it’s often synthetic, which means it won’t breathe well and will leave you feeling like you are walking around inside your own private sauna.




4. Leave your backpack home

The last thing you want a hot summer day is a huge backpack hanging on your back, making you sweat. Take this opportunity to clean out your backpack and carry as fewer items as you can, carry trendy side bags which are trending this summer, they will make you feel light throughout the day.



5. Wear Socks

Sandals might seem like the most logical way to stay cool, but open shoes mean dirty feet, which mean hot feet. Socks help absorb your sweat and keep your feet feeling cooling and clean There are more sweat glands on the soles of your feet than any other area of your body, and socks protect your shoes from absorbing your foot sweat, making them last longer.



6. Use a scarf to keep your hair off your neck

Wearing light colored printed cotton scarfs looks quite cool in summer. Wearing such cotton scarf in summer is not only classy but also soaks the sweat around your neck portion which feels quite relieving.



7. Stick to light colors

As dark colors absorb more light and make you feel hotter, while light colors reflect light and help keep you cool.



8. Wear as light jewelry as possible

Earrings are fine as they don’t really touch your skin much, but necklaces, rings, and bracelets can often be more troublesome then they are worth once summer arrives. Lightweight chain sticks to your skin, heavyweight necklace traps your shirt against your chest, metals get hot and bracelets cover your wrists, which are a major cooling point on your body, try wearing handmade earrings, they don’t get hot as metal earrings.



9. Always carry sunglasses

Sunglasses not only look trendy in summer but are also very useful in protecting our eyes, the retina from harmful radiations, not all sunglasses are same and selecting the perfect sunglasses is a tough job. During summer try selecting sunglasses with plastic frames rather than metal frames which get heated up in sun.



10. Bring shade with you wherever you go

Whether it is a stylish umbrella or a wide brimmed hat. Along with looking fab in summer, it protects you from the hot summer rays. So, carrying anyone of these is a must.



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