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Wearing Makeup and Body Positivity

11 Jan , 2019  


Here we’re all about self-love and body positivity. Why not make a resolution this year to let your skin breathe and being more confident in yourself to be able to step out of the house without any makeup? Keeping makeup on your face for long hours blocks your pores which leads to breakouts and acne later. If your skin is healthy and flawless, you won’t even need makeup. Youtube makeup sensation, Michelle Phan stopped wearing foundation and it has been years and she hasn’t looked back. The result? She says her skin feels so much better and healthier than before. She doesn’t mind her blemishes on display anymore and encourages everyone to do the same. 

Last year, a French illustrator, Izumi Tutti made constellation acne on her face embracing her acne and turning them into a work of art. We can’t help certain things that happen with our bodies but we can certainly change our perspective towards them. 

Makeup should not be about hiding yourself behind a mask. Makeup should be a means to express yourself, not to change or hide your flaws but to present the version of you that you want the world to see. Having said that, there’s nothing right about makeup-shaming either. With makeup or without makeup, you are still body positive. If you like to wear a hard contour, a lot of highlight or a heavy-duty foundation it’s your choice and that does not make you any lesser than someone who likes themselves better with a bare face. Makeup or no makeup, the important thing to keep in mind is being confident in your own skin and not letting society tell you anything otherwise. You are beautiful and so are your flaws and imperfections.


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