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What Jewellery To Wear With Every Dress Colour

11 Jan , 2019  


Black Dress

There’s nothing more chic than metallic gold jewellery on a black dress. Delicate silver pieces also look stunning. You could also give off an Audrey Hepburn vibe by pairing pearls with an LBD. Gemstones add a pop of colour to black.

White Dress

Diamonds, crystals and silver look amazing with white dresses. Gold jewellery adds a luxurious vibe to the colour white. You could also add coloured jewellery with a white dress to add an element of fun.

Blush Pink Dress

Blush is a very feminine colour. Rose gold brings out the pink tones in the dress. Cameo jewellery adds to the delicacy of the colour. Pearls also look lovely with a blush pink dress.

Blue Dress

Blue is such a classy colour that it goes with most colour combinations. You can pair playful colours like yellow, red, turquoise, pink, green and coral with dress or you could take it the safe route with gold, silver and even pearl jewellery. 


Red is a powerful colour and goes well feminine jewellery pieces. Pearls, crystals, diamonds, gemstones and gold and silver jewellery suit red the best. 


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