When visiting countries where you’ll need to dress warmly, packing can feel like a struggle. All kinds of sweaters and jackets can ultimately make your bag so heavy that you might not even be able to carry it or if you can it’ll be extremely tough. So here are tips on what to carry for a winter holiday and how to make it light as well! You might have one question. In winters, how can one pack light? Well, the key to packing light for cold weather is layers. You don’t need one massive jacket to keep you warm when you can bring smaller pieces to wear multiple ways. If you choose your layers well, you’ll have less bulk, more outfit options, and be just as warm.



  1. Start with your base layers which can be worn under virtually anything for added warmth such as camisoles and tank tops. The bonus about tanks and camisoles is that they can also wear them later on the trip, in warmer weather, for exercise, or to sleep in. Another base layer option is a thin, short or long-sleeve shirt, preferably made of merino wool (which is a bit costly). This kind of top is best in a solid color that can be worn under other “normal” tops, or that can be worn as a top all its own. The goal here is to have something that keeps your core warm. Once you have something that acts as your core, you can move onto your presentation layers which are the more important layers.


CAMISOLE TOP                                                                     TANK TOP


  1. Then you need to add your presentation layers which tend to be what people will see you in when you’re indoors such as cute cardigans, thin sweaters, and tunics. Tunics are a great layer-able option here as they cover more of your body and protects you from the cold.


WOOL TUNIC                                                                      THIN SWEATER



  1. Seal it in with your jacket layer such as a denim jacket or a nice zip-up fleece which depending on the                         weather at your destination, and the weight of your previous layers, this may or may not be your final layer.



DENIM JACKET (WOMEN)                                                          DENIM JACKET (MEN)


  1. Add extra weather protection which can either be a light coat or jacket that you can carry on board the plane. This layer may just be to add extra warmth, or it can be to block cold wind or repel water. A solid, lightweight pea-coat is another good choice for those wanting to look a bit nicer and fashionable while traveling in colder climates.


PEACOAT                                                                                 LIGHT JACKET


When it comes to pants, one should always bring jeans for the cold weather. They may not be practical on all trips, but they are easy to layer when the weather is especially cold. Corduroy pants are another good option because of the additional fabric. Whatever pants you bring, you can layer them by wearing a pair of long underwear, leggings or tights underneath. The brilliant part about leggings is that you can also wear them on their own under long tops, or as pajama bottoms meaning you have more outfit options in addition to added warmth layers which seems like a terribly good option for someone who doesn’t like to wear the same clothes every day.


JEANS                                                             COUDRAY PANTS                                    LEGGINGS


Is there anything worse than cold feet when you’re walking around a new place? Nah, I don’t think so. Whichever shoes you decide to bring should keep out water at the very minimum since cold weather also has a tendency to bring rain or snow, so those athletic shoes that have breathable panels aren’t the best. Boots will both keep your feet warm, especially when paired with wool socks, and and it will also look great.

The requirements for good winter travel shoes are that it should be weatherproof, light on lacing and dark colored, so they won’t show stains from mud, slush or getting thrown on filthy security belts.


BOOTS FOR WOMEN                                                                 BOOTS FOR MEN


If all of your clothing items are in neutral or solid colors, it’s easier to mix and match them. Use your accessories as a way to change up outfits from day to day. It may be the same coat every day, but you can wear different hats, scarves, and gloves to change up your look. It’s much easier to pack lighter with multiple hats and scarves rather than multiple coats which are the secrets to staying warm. The requirements for a good travel hat are that it covers your ears and partly the back of your neck, has no flaps, fluff-balls or other wasted mass and is made of thin, modern materials for maximum warmth. You can also pack gloves which should be thin, light, breathable and waterproof. The days of massive mittens and wool gloves are gone, and you can get a great pair of warm, waterproof, yet very thin gloves that weigh only a few ounces. The breathable characteristic of the gloves make them wearable across a wide temperature range, the waterproofing makes them useful in the worst weather, and the tight packaging makes them very low impact both when packing and when carrying them around.


WOOLEN SCARVES                              WOOLEN GLOVES                                     WOOLEN CAPS

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