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What To Wear On Your First Date: For Men

10 Jan , 2019  


“First impression is the last impression.”, someone rightly said so. First dates can be nervewrecking, “what to wear?”, “where to go?”, “how to start the conversation?” etc. But fear not, we’ve got your styling game covered.

A couple of things to keep in mind while dressing up for a date are:

  • Fit the right fit. Make sure whatever you wear has a tailored fit for your body. Baggy or loose clothes are not the best bet when you are trying to make a good first impression.
  • Keep in mind where you are meeting if it’s a bar, a restaurant or any other location. Your outfit and styling would be highly dependent on those.

Now, the Style Tips:

Wear A Watch

Wear a nice watch. Go for a sporty one if you’re meeting outside for a casual date and a polish one if it’s a nighttime setting. 

Muted Coloured Clothes

Don’t go for something bright or blingy. Opt for neutral colours like navy, grey, brown or black. Remember, you are supposed to look sophisticated for your first date and keep the focus on your date not on your clothes. 


Always wear nice cologne for your first date. Don’t go for something very strong, a mild one at the right spots, i.e., your shirt and on the sides of your neck.


Choose your sneakers based on the location of your meet. You could go for sneakers for a daytime look but make sure that they are clean with no marks. For a night setting go for the dressy ones like chukka boots or loafers but make sure to polish them before heading out. 

What Not To Wear:


You want to look put together on your first date and hoodies are a no no. Go for a denim jacket, a leather jacket, solid coloured sweater or a courdroy jacket. 

Open-Toe Shoes

No one wants to see you in sandals or any sort of open-toe shoes on your first date. Even if the date is casual, go for sneakers or loafers.


It is a date and not an office meeting. Leave the ties to formal occasions. A tailored shirt would do the job just fine even without a tie.

Overwhelming Patterns

You want to keep your conversation with your date the focus and not your clothes. Crazy patterns can be a turnoff for first dates. If you are into wearing loads of patterns, go for a minimalistic approach. Wear a shirt with a patterned pocket or a patterned collar. Keep the colours of your clothes muted as well. 

Hats or Sunglasses

Though a hat or sunglasses can add a lot more magic to your outfit, don’t wear them indoors. It just looks like you are trying to hide something or just discouraging to see you for another date. 

Some outfit inspirations are below:


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