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What to wear if you are a Rectangle body shape

11 May , 2017  


Knowing your body shape is ONE of most crucial steps to finding styles that suit you. So today we will talk about rectangle body shape.

What is Rectangle body shape?

Rectangle body shape is when you have no defined waist. The hips tend to have a similar width as the shoulders. You do not have a lot of curves. Your bust tends to be small or average. Although they’re also known by flattering names like an athletic body shape, or long and lean and many more. Rectangle body shapes have a few style challenges of their own so you’ll need to use a few style secrets to create some.. Check out this personal style guide that’s all about dressing and flattering your rectangle body shape.


Define Your Waist

This is one of your most important outfit goals. It helps make your waist look defined and your body shape more like an Hourglass. This is definitely a simple strategy when you don’t have time to work on the dimensions.





Never pull your top over the widest part of your bottom. Never!!

Because it makes your BOTTOM look MUCH BIGGER if you DO!!!                                                           A big horizontal line gets created as soon as there is colour difference between the top of your body and the bottom of your body. That horizontal line is what people see when they look at you. And not only that, their brain has no choice but to finish that line and make it longer.

You have 2 options to finish your tops that both equally will make you look SLIMMER:                     1. Wear your top  at least 5 cms ABOVE the widest part of your hips in a curved or scooped line where your top is lower on the front and higher on the side.                                                                         2. Wear your top BELOW the widest part of your hips. Your body has worked out a Magic Spot. Hold your arms by your side and the point on your leg between the knuckles and the bottom of your finger tips is IDEAL.                                                                                                                                               If you look at your natural shape that is the point where the female curves are slimmer on your leg.

Wear cute tops!

These will help add more curves on top and make your waistline look thinner. You’re lucky because you’ll be able to pull off a tremendous variety of top styles, especially the ones with lots of interest and details! Like Frills and bows, Ruffles, Bibs, Rosettes. Make sure these details are placed on top – shoulder to bust area to avoid highlighting your waist. If a bow or ruffle detail falls right above your mid-section, nip it with a belt.If you like to create the illusion of bigger breasts, choose tops with pockets, rushes, pleating and other front details. You can tie a belt around loose flowy tops to add definition to the waist area. Wrap tops, halter necks, turtle necks, basic tees and tank tops look great on rectangular body shapes.                                                                                                             Button down shirts are your best friends but make sure they’re slightly nipped at the waist, or simply add a belt or wear them with unbuttoned cardigans.                                                                           Avoid large shoulder pads as they will make you look broader. You can opt for numerous style of sleeves from sleeveless, full sleeves, flared to cuffed up sleeves.

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Bust-enhancing necklines also help emphasize your bust and slim down your waist.
Your rectangle body shape gives you a wide range of possibilities for necklines. Mock turtlenecks, boat necks, wide V and U as well as jewel necklines are good.

If you have a long neck and a small bust, you can dress in turtlenecks, mandarin, crew, slash, funnel, halter necklines Scoop neck, Sweetheart  and Bustier                                                                       If you have a short neck and full bust, opt for boat necks, scoop-necks, sweetheart necklines, V necks and wrap necklines. Flaps, epaulets, pleats and yolks add interesting details to your look. Make sure you add a camisole if the wrap neckline is very low – this helps add dimension to your rectangle body shape.



Not every body shape can carry off ruffled collars with ease but if you are a rectangle with the smaller bust area then flaunt those romantic ruffled collars with ease. Ruffled collars are great for volume when small chested. Wear polo shirt collars, shirt, plackets and collar stands.


Find your perfect “Knee” spot

DRESSES, SKIRTS AND SHORTS HEMLINES                                                                                You have learnt earlier that a slimmer part of your leg is at the bottom of your finger tips. That is the minimum length for your mini skirts, dresses or shorts. You may feel much more comfortable to wear your skirts just above the knee or just below the knee. Both spots where your leg is at its slimmest before the curve of your calf. The mistake a lot of women make is that their skirt and dress size is too big. This makes your skirt hem sit lower that your waist and therefore the hemlines gets too low. This means spending money on altering and most likely your skirt moving in circles around your body when you walk. Next time when you are trying dresses and skirts make sure you try one size smaller than your usual pants size. Skirts and dresses need to fit you in the waist, fit comfortably over your hips and come in around the leg to show your body off at its best! Showing slim parts of the leg will send a message of slimness to the person who looks at you. That is the secret in how to trick their brain, show slimness and hide the larger parts and listen to the sweet voice of a compliment coming your way! Anything that is nipped at your waistline or right below your bust eg. Empire waist, Pencil skirts that are stitched down at the side seams add curves, Paneled and layered skirts, A-line skirts these have to be fairly voluminous to look good on you.



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Be a queen of wearing pants!

 Pants are easy because of your rectangle body shape, you can wear most pants styles and don’t have to worry about them being too tight. In fact, clothes that hug your body will create the illusion of curves. You can go for flowy  linen pants, even high-waisted harem pants, slightly tapered pants or pants with pleats. Avoid pants with a low rise if you have a long torso. If you are looking for volume on top, slim bottom look then go for skinny jeans  with a voluminous top. You can also go for baggy, flared or cargo jeans with tank tops and camis

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Use colors to attract attention to upper body!

Using different colors in your outfit is a fantastic away to achieve your desired outcome. Wear lighter or brighter colors under a dark jacket or dark colors under a light jacket. Create a bright point of attention in you upper body. You can do this with a scarf, a colorful necklace, a great pattern in a top, great glasses. Blend the colour of your stockings or tights with your skirt or dress. In summer it is great to wear nude shoes instead of black to again flow the color up your body!


Jackets and coats

Wear coats and jackets that emphasis the waist area. Look for bomber jackets, jean jackets and blouse jackets. Straight lines on jackets with double breasting add volume on the top. Avoid very short jackets that end above your waist, as they will emphasis your straight waist even more. When it comes to coats, look for pea coats, safari coats, trench coats and dusters.4ec5583415b998c95208d91e2e302fa01bb9c1f79fc4f43a4cc5400002b981d6

Accessories in Heaps

Accessories are your best closet investments and an affordable way to add curves and texture to your straight rectangle body shape without having to think too much about what clothing cut and styles you need to wear. Avoid waist length bags because they draw attention to your straight frame. However you can wear them as long as they’re subtle in style and color eg. Handbags with minimal details in dark neutrals).

Just add a pair of statement shoes and you’ve added some curve to your lower body!

Statement jewelry such as a chunky necklace or a pair of trendy earrings help drawing the eye to your upper body.

Accessories are great for adding curves on a monochromatic outfits( similar colors worn from top to toe). Just be careful with their placement. One rule is to keep your waist free from vertical details. In fact, the simpler you style your waist, the better and trimmer it will appear. If you’re a Petite make sure that you select accessories that are simple in style and color to avoid overwhelming your short stature.

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