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who says women can’t dress up like men?

29 Apr , 2015  



In this modern era with all the fashion companies trying to make unisex clothing range, a question often arises can women dress up like men,can they wear those big sweaters, big jeans,sports shoes or buggy jacket?

Yes, they can wear all that. It is just a matter of pairing up things to give it a more glamorous touch. In the era we live anybody can wear anything. It is all about wearing comfortable things and things that one likes, be it a sweater or be it sport shoes. Women nowadays want comfort before anything so they wear big sweaters or regular fit jeans. The speed with which fashion has developed,now you can get instant mobile fashion advice  women just need to team these sweaters or jeans according to their look. Be it giving it a touch with a nice pair of earrings or be it wearing bangles or at times just a casual watch. Fashion has evolved over the years and it is ever-changing, so all you ladies just need to put up a few cool accessories and you are good to go.

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