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Why makeup is as important as dressing up?

8 Nov , 2017  


Everyday makeup look to keep you going

Makeup is part of our daily routine be it light or heavy makeup, it is unavoidable. Wearing just any outfit without it looks dull. Wearing makeup can be simple as it takes few minutes to apply but for some it might take more. Some prefer a natural look and some love a heavy look.
For regular days just kajal, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick will do. But for some they can add red lipstick too. Red lipstick will perfectly match with black outfit for a date.

For college going girls, if you are in a hurry and have no time, then with your casual dress, slight kajal below the eye-lid is enough and for lips nude colour lipstick.

Having a gorgeous dress for a party without makeup sound dull right! But if the dress is way too gorgeous then the makeup must be a little light.

For daytime, nude colour lipstick, liquid eyeliner and mascara on eyes will look decent with  your outfit with an eye shadow. Some can also play with just one feature, either they can apply thick colour eyeliner with light colour lipstick or go with loud red lipstick with thin line eyeliner. Heavy looks will go more at night time or any special occasions.

For few special occasions only nice outfit won’t do, you need some eye paints. Some like Smokey eyes with lipstick. To look attractive, sometimes we can take out the red lipstick for the party.

Some can even go just applying mascara with any lip balm it looks good and not too loud. It is all about how bold and sharp you look. Some prefer light, some heavy, some don’t even like makeup at all and would prefer  to go natural. But, wearing any outfit without makeup looks dull. We must look attractive in our workplace or be it anywhere else except while going to bed. Although you must take care of your skin and look into skincare tips. We know that without salt, food is tasteless, same applies here be it light or heavy.

This bold fall makeup tutorial for your everyday use would make you look amazing and guess what? It’s only going to take 5 minutes.

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