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Why should men use KakCho?

15 May , 2015  


An average man spends 3 more minutes than a woman while dressing up in the morning i.e. 13 minutes as compared to 10 minutes in case of womentime-eating-triffles-4

And you thought females take more time? (Myth broken)

So why exactly do men spend 13 minutes every morning? It is spent in order to get a look which can set you apart from rest of the people at your workplace, college, school etc. What exactly men spend 13 minutes on. Men spend this time on teaming up clothes i.e. getting the perfect pair to wear, using skincare and hair care products like moisturizer, hair creams respectively. Men usually tend to be way more cautious about their looks as compared to women.  This whole process take up a lot of time and the 13 minutes gets somewhat extended.

So kakcho which is a one stop fashion app will bring an end to all your dilemmas/worries. The 13 minutes men use to spend dressing up and getting that perfect look will be reduced and we bet the look our panel of experts will give you will set all the eyeballs on you. So wait for us, we are coming soon in Google play store near you. Just sign up and lay back.


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