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5 Feb , 2018  



I am not made of a single color. I am a blend of color. A blend of thoughts and emotions. I am a Unicorn.


I am not trapped in my body. I am trapped in other people’s
perception of my body.


When it comes to style, the question isn’t “Why to bend the gender rules?” It’s “Why not?”

Clothing in many ways is an extension of the personality, and if a man chooses to wear a handbag it should be received with just as much normalcy as a woman in pants.

Masculinity has nothing to do with aesthetics. Your mind can be more masculine and sometimes your emotions.

Taking the gender out of clothing is one of the most essential aspects of androgyny. When most people think of androgyny, they think of a trend rather than a personal style. Androgyny is just as much a woman in a blazer as much as it is a man in high heels. To accept and understand this style, gender must first be removed from the mind before it can be removed from clothing.





Now a pool of water at the feet of the party, no one can remember whether the ice sculpture was modeled after a man or a woman.








There is a difference between gender and sex. Sex, as we all know, is assigned at birth. Gender, as it is typically regarded, is a social construct. Gender is a state of being. Mannerisms, cultural teachings, what type of clothes you wear, the way you speak, the way you hold yourself. It is the energy that you hold in your body. The myth about gender is that it is real.

Being forced to conform to gender roles is both toxic and claustrophobic and takes away the freedom from fashion. Androgyny in fashion is ultimately an extension of personal style and expression.





For every girl tired of being called over-sensitive, there is a boy who fears to be gentle, to weep.

For every boy burdened with the constant expectation of knowing everything, there is a girl frustrated of people not trusting her intelligence.



We’ve seen ‘boyfriend dressing’ before – outsized, mannish jeans, sweaters, jackets, and coats worn by women that are seemingly purloined from their male partner’s wardrobes. But now the moment of ‘girlfriend dressing’ has arrived too – at least in the rarefied circles of the fashion world. For the devotedly fashion-conscious man, it is currently all about feminization. But still being a girl it’s easier for me to wear something from my boyfriend’s wardrobe but when it comes to guys, it is still a taboo. Wearing a loose silhouette and men’s clothes give women a sense of power but on the other hand, a man will not want to be portrayed as someone with feminine attributes.

So why are we now experiencing another surge in gender-fluid styles? It’s about the younger generation pushing against boundaries. But also it’s a reflection of where we are. There’s a new interest in feminism, you can’t ignore that, it feeds into fashion.


We want to speak up, to rebel, to create, to make our own alternative worlds and ways of expressing ourselves, our interests, our opinions, and frustrations.




Statement shoes:

Not big into accessorizing? Let your shoes give your outfit some flair! Sneakers and slip-ons are the perfect gender-neutral shoe that can help turn a simple outfit into a fashion statement.

Baggy jeans:

As skinny jeans are making their way out, baggy jeans are making their way. Get the same look by pairing loose-fitting, boyfriend jeans with your favorite tank or go super-comfy by adding a shirt or a blazer on top.   Roll up the cuffs for some added stylish touch.

Vintage glasses:

Get a polished look by complementing your outfit with a perfect pair of retro shades. Retro glasses become your statement piece in any simple outfit and makes you look stylish with not many efforts.

Bright suits:

Perfect for looking sharp at work or a formal event! Not ready for that much color? Try toning the look down with a more subtle hue, or pop on a bright blazer with your usual dress pants. Not too serious!


Rock a pair of joggers or cropped pants with a classy button-down and your favorite evening shoes. You can even add a tube and add a jacket on top to give it a sportier look.

Concept, direction & styling – Zahra Attari

Photography – Dharane Dharan

Model – Pooja Bishnu

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