It’s Time for winter fashion with layers

This winter is all about corduroy and cashmere, coats and boots, body swamping scarfs and thick sweaters over flimsy dresses. A hasty purchase of the newest trends may temporarily satisfy the urge to splurge but it’s far wiser to think a little further ahead and invest in something that has the staying power.The outfits you choose must seamlessly blend in and transcend both trends and seasons. It’s been awhile since we last thought about layering our clothes for the weather, as opposed to style. Winters arrival means waving goodbye to our beloved off the shoulder dresses. But winter is not just knitted everything, its way more than just a sweater weather, a true fall outfit is more than the sum of its chunky knit parts. We’ve rounded up a few winter essentials that you can invest in and look absolutely cool and fashionable.


Scarfs and Stoles

There was a time when winter fashion in India meant wearing a sweater and draping a shawl over it. even today nothing there is nothing like a layer of wool to keep you warm. But the trends have changed and the boring scarfs and stoles became more fashionable and colorful. they help us add color to any kind of outfit. and also the biggest advantage is that these can also be used in other seasons.


Coats and capes


This season is particularly a good one to invest in coats and capes. If we had to borrow the fashion knowledge from the western countries, a coat is a great investment piece that works for everyone. For fall, the trick is to invest in one with a great quality and style. be sure to keep the color neutral so it works well with almost all the outfits and looks you put together. If you are heading to work or a night out, a trench coat is a great way to keep you versatile. Be sure that the coat is roomy, as it might need to fit over many layers. Ideally, your coat should be able to work with dresser pieces also.Capes give a more classy and chic look, they work well with any tailored outfit, skinny jeans, knitted skirt.

All leather, everything


Accessories, more often, it’s better to prefer leather bags or belts or even jackets. The easiest way to smarten any outfit is to throw a jacket over it. Indians have taken cues from the global fashion and now jackets have become a staple in Indian winter wear. The reason we love jackets is that they are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. A basic leather jacket, that keeps you warm and flatters your figure is a very good option if you are looking for something that can be worn all throughout the year. Also, a pencil skirt or leather bags have become a permanent staple in the wardrobe.

Caps and Beanies

caps and beanies round-up your winter look also protect your ears from biting cold. They also add a pop of color to your outfit, also act as statement pieces with detailed work over them. and are a total savior for women with constant bad hair days. These are also very inexpensive and are easily available all across the country.


Jumpers and pullover



This season, jumpers and oversized pullover had made a comeback. what was once only a part of men’s winter wear has now become one of the women’s favorite. Unlike capes and coats, these give a more laid back and more generic vibe. and at the same time, are the most comfortable and warm pieces.


The key to a happy winter is to have warm feet. Though India is not a country where there are snowfall and a necessity for boots, these boots act as statement pieces and can be paired with any and every outfit, they are so versatile yet the most comfortable and can be worn from day-to-night.

These are few of the winter essentials every girl must have in her closet that will make you look fashionable and chick in those cozy clothes.

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