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Think you cannot be fashionable and try out different styles just because it’s winter? Then you are totally wrong. Long gone is the time when just a hoodie over denim would be considered as winter fashion. With the wide array of jackets/ coats, shrugs available these days, there is so much more to winter fashion than just the good old hoodie or sweater. All that you need is the eye to work some combinations up and get the winter look right. But, worry not, here is the compilation of the best and trending looks this winter to make you look super stylish and get you cold season ready!

Here’s the 2017-18 Winter Lookbook!

Look 1:

Sleeveless trench coats when worn over full sleeved tops make such a good fashion statement. You can team your top and sleeveless trench coat up with a pair of your regular denim. Blue denim, black pants, black leather pants- anything would work well for this look. Another plus point, you can opt for any kind of footwear. It could be your sneakers, heels, and boots- anything you wish. So try this look out and make a super impression on your friends!

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Look 2:

Culottes and cotton trousers are so in trend these days. Here’s a way you can style them up with a basic tee and add to your winter wardrobe. Tuck your favorite tee in your culottes or trousers and top it up with a long shrug. This look is not only super chic but also super comfortable. You can try this look when you are out shopping, or for a brunch, or even while traveling. Wearing sneakers would go best with the entire outfit.

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Look 3:

The look 3 of winter lookbook is pretty simple. All that you need to achieve it is a turtleneck top and a trench coat, or any favorite jacket of yours. Wear the jacket and turtleneck top with a pair of your favorite pants. This appearance looks flawless. As for footwear, you can wear long boots- they will look great with the entire outfit.

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Look 4:


So there’s a party you have to attend but you are thinking how will you be able to wear that short dress in this winter? Well, you certainly can! Just top your favorite party dress up with a leather jacket and it will look impeccable. So now you can enjoy the party at your favorite short dress. You can also wear this jacket with a mini skirt.

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Look 5:

The look 5 of the winter lookbook involves playing with a denim jacket. Now there are various ways you can style a denim jacket. These jackets always look great and trendy. A denim jacket can be worn over a simple top or shirt and a pair of pants. Or for simpler and more feminine look, you can wear it over a dress. It can be worn over a simple short dress or even over a maxi dress. Basically, there are various ways you can include a denim jacket in your winter lookbook.

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Look 6:

The look 6 of the winter lookbook involves adding a stole or a winter scarf to your outfit. There are no rules here. You can add a stole or a scarf to whichever outfit and however you want. Stoles and scarves look good with dresses, leather jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts etc.  This stole, along with keeping you warm will also make you look very fashionable.

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