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Winter Skincare Mistakes Guys Make

28 Dec , 2018  


Wrong Moisturiser

Guys hate anything sticky or greasy even around them. They tend to opt for something lightweight for their moisture needs. But they do little for your skin during the winters. Gels and light lotions don’t help much with battling with the winter dryness.


Guys don’t use serums on their skin. Serum can be a good alternative to those who prefer thin moisturisers. Serums get absorbed deep into the skin and provide that extra hydration that light moisturisers miss out on. Wash your face as usual, and then apply your serum followed by your moisturiser.

Clean ≠ Dry

For some people the synonymous of clean skin is dry skin but that’s not how it works. Your skin might be clean but if it’s dry, you should change up your products. Most foaming gels/soaps give us the mental satisfaction of cleaning than being efficient in doing so.

No Exfoliation

It’s necessary to exfoliate during winter because the skin dries out faster during this time of the year. The dry skin blocks pores causing breakouts. If scrubs are harsh for your skin, go for chemical exfoliants, they are gentler on the skin.

Lips and Hands

It’s heartbreaking to see a well-dressed man with chapped lips and flakey skin. Artificial heaters absorb the moisture present in the air leaving the air dry. Keep your lips hydrated with lip balm and apply a hand cream to stop the skin on your hands from peeling off.

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