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With Great Safety Pin, Comes Great Power!

26 May , 2015  


Since one always keep up pinning the wardrobe with all type of clothes for each occasion while one of the most important thing such as pin is a must. Your wallet and bag must have a

pin. Brooch is not at all different from pin. It’s just all you can say is brooch is another version of safety pin. The thing that matters mostly is its use in your outfit both for men and women.

males brooch

males brooch

Yes, guys since you have been using for an occasional event and that you know it very well how to use it for your suit but so far you might have used it for a highlight of your turban at your friend’s marriage or around your tie and suit. There are more ways to use these brooch pins; Yes don’t get shocked-

  • Wearing these brooch safety pins on your silk fabric plain scarf with suit that will appear as a different formal outfit. This will highlight the bow and your neckline that will represent you smart as well as ideal. Such use of brooch pins stands quite impressive adding a highlighted statement to your style.
  • Another way you can use it as your shirt button especially when you are in hurry to attend an occasion and you really don’t seem to be having much time to arrive home to get ready or buy it separately from a shop. It would be well suggested to try with a simple piece of plain shirt. You can also use it as a cufflinks.
  • One can also wear it by pinning it with your wrist watch. A new way and a new trend to make your wrist styled that holds you an iconic personality. So great right! Use of brooch pins in different way for all the men’s.


women brooch

women brooch

All the ‘Womaniya’ who love to get ready with their outfit should also use these brooch pins in some other way. Well since you have been using it while draping a saree or pinning a dupatta to your lehenga suit, salwar suit or anarkali suit. But there are some more ways to use these brooch pins just as the attempt mentioned right here.

  • In case while getting ready for any occasion and if you forget to buy a clip for your hair or find it missing then you use this brooch pins like a hair clip. Wear a pony tail rubber band and pin the brooch on this rubber band that you are going to wear. A new technique to get hair styled and within this quick period of time.
  • Also one can use these brooch pins for the purse to highlight its appearance. At times your wallet does not seem to be happening for the event; then you can grab these brooch pins in the zip of the sling bag for a stylish look or just pin it at the center. Try this idea with various color or design to get a styled.
  • You can also use these brooch pins on your waist belt or on a wristband or else use it with body con dress at the neckline or at the center of the waist that has a huge range of look. You can also use number of similar pins on your dress with a specific designed one in your own creative way. Not only a dress but also use them around the center of Lycra and cotton material plain skirt.


And that’s how you can use it in various ways and get a different look for the outfit that you have selected.


Deeksha Anchan


Co-founder at Kakcho
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