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Workout With These Household Chores!

12 Jan , 2019  


There are times when you have chores to do but you can’t skip the gym. Why not workout through these household chores?

Car Wash

Car washing and waxing promote shoulder movements. Go for clockwise, anti-clockwise and counterclockwise shoulder movements. Clean the tires by squatting and doing bend-over exercises.  


Pushing the vacuum stretches the triceps. Moving around the furniture would work as weight lifting just use the proper squatting form. You could also do lunges while vacuuming. 

Painting the House

Painting requires movement, squatting, overhead pressing and stretching, how wholesome! Use a stable ladder and don’t strain your neck too much. 

Cutting Grass

Lawn mower requires strength for pushing it. You could do lunges while doing so and squat for removing extra weeds in the garden.

Mopping the Floor

You could do stomach exercises while sweeping the floor. Push and pull the mop as far as you can and take a squatting position for mopping under the tables, beds etc. 

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