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22 Nov , 2017  


It’s time to take real action towards Body Shaming

Is it ever okay to call someone a “fat slob” or a “skinny bitch”? while we constantly see people criticizing others, isn’t it is our responsibility to stand up for them and stop it?. We live in a body conscious world. Everyone wants the perfect weight and height, everyone is trying hard, avoiding their favorite food and working out for hours together, putting their body through so much of stress, just to fit the standards of the society. Is it okay, to let someone go through so much emotional and physical pain, just because they have a body type? It’s time to take action towards body shaming and end.

Ways to avoid and stop Body Shaming

Accept that everyone has a unique body

Not everyone can look or fit exactly to the body standards set by the society. One must start by realising that everyone has a unique body and be proud of such body and be able to flaunt it like a diva. Everything looks perfect if one has the confidence.

Wear every trend with pride

There are always certain trends that look good on certain body types and people, but there is a way that you can find the variation of trend that suits you. however one’s body is, it is confidence in pulling of the dress, that makes it elegant

Support and encourage plus size models

Support the Media’s use of plus size models and buy such magazines and encourage and show your support to the brands that use models of all body types.


Don’t encourage and support trolls on Media

There are so many trolls on media that Body Shaming celebrities mainly. Media goes on to treat celebrities as their private property and take their pictures secretly and body shame them. There were a lot of celebrities who slammed back at media and shared their troubles, we need to understand that, and not encourage or retweet any such trolls.

Appreciate what your body does for you

Sometimes we forget to be grateful for all that our body does for us. We forget that whatever our body type, weight, and height may be, our body helps us to do all our day-to-day activities and needs.Focusing on the functions your body gives you instead of just how it looks can change your attitude.

Practice self-love

Look at yourself in the mirror and be happy about your body. and think about what all you actually like about your body. there might be many things that you don’t really like about your body but focus on the positive aspects.

Remember, inner beauty never fades

Outer beauty can change over time with circumstances and situations but inner beauty and good heart never fade. In fact, it’s what you are as a person that makes you beautiful. If you aren’t pretty and confident on the inside then nothing outside will ever matter.

Foster a body positive lifestyle

Think of self-love as a muscle; we have to you it or lose it. The more gratitude and happiness you express towards your body, the happier you will be. it is very important to always be body positive and not stress on your Flaws, it might cause a lot of emotional pain.

Fight against Body Shaming and spread awareness

It is very important to share what you have gone through because of Body Shaming and how much it had affected your lifestyle or personality, doing so will make people realize how much every word of there’s hurt. It is equally important to stand up and fight against such body shamers.

Don’t ever tolerate a guy who makes you feel bad about yourself

No guy, how much ever you love him has to right to make you feel bad about how you look or about your body. If you don’t really fit his standards just ask him to move along. but don’t ever tolerate such guys.

Tell other women, How great they look

When a person goes out of their way and tries to be confident and pulls of a bolder look, appreciate them and let them know how pretty they look. Everyone likes a genuine compliment, even if you know them or not, that might as well make their day.

Let’s take action and end this here click                    #stopit

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