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21 Nov , 2017  




Body Shaming has become something of a social media tradition, especially among women. while we constantly see people criticizing others for their body size or body type on social media or in real life, it is less of an offense to make fun of a person for being who they are?. And we can stop this if we have confidence in ourselves to fight back and stand strongly against it.

Ways to stop body shaming and feel confident in your own skin

  1. Accept that everyone has a unique body and that it’s totally fine to have such body as long as it lets you do all your activities and daily work. It’s better to focus on what your own body is capable of doing than trying to achieve the standards set by the society.
  2. Wear every trend with pride, there are always certain trends that look good on certain body types, but there’s no reason you can’t find a variety of trend that works for you.
  3. Encourage the Plus Size Modelling and don’t really tag it as Plus Size because what all the media and television world portrays have a very large impact on the society as such.
  4. Tell other women how great they look and how amazingly they pull off bolder looks and style.
  5. Don’t encourage trolls, stand up for what you believe in and talk a stand for the pride of other women and celebrities who are usually subjected to such standards.
  6. Don’t ever tolerate a guy who makes you uncomfortable or feelS bad about your body
  7. Practice self-love, there might be many things that you do not like about yourself, but try to focus on what you love about yourself and feel confident.
  8. Remember, to be a good person by heart because the outer beauty may fade but inner beauty never fades.

It’s time to take action and stop it  #stopit

Sai Sree

Sai Sree

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Sai Sree

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